NCSAS State competition

Message from the Director 3/19/20

Hello Participants

The NCSAS Board of Directors is working tirelessly to set up a remote competition. We are extremely grateful that our keynote speaker, Dr. Melanie Simpson, NCSU is able to present to us via Zoom. The title of her talk is 'Sugar in prostate cancer: tools, fuels, and steroid foils'.

Thank you for your patience as we work to coordinate our registration system with our payment system – any lag in reporting from the registration system should be updated by this weekend.

Participants and Judges will be sent messages about connecting via Zoom. We urge you to follow the directions carefully and use the Zoom Test Meeting option to practice and identify any technology issues prior to March 27th.

We understand that many of you will be participating from home and may have connectivity issues. If that is the case, please be reassured that your research will be judged based on your paper, even if you cannot connect.

Amy Sheck, Ph.D. Director
NC Student Academy of Science

Updated Message from the Director (3/11/20)

Hello Students, Chaperones and Judges,

I have been following closely the progression of COVID-19. I have decided that the NCSAS State Competition will go forward with the Backup Plan as detailed below. By deciding now, this provides a measure of certainty about the format and the timing and allows us to put all our efforts towards planning for a remote event.  

What we are working towards is:

  1. Friday March 20th, Detailed instructions sent out to join an optional ‘practice’ zoom session for students and judges.
  2. Friday, March 27th:
    • 3:00 pm, registrants may join the main zoom session.
    • 3:30 pm, Keynote speaker, Melanie Simpson, Ph.D. Chair Biochemistry, NCSU
    • 4:15 pm, instructions to participants, move to zoom break-out rooms.
    • 4:30 pm, presentations begin
    • 6:30 pm, students move back to the main zoom session for the student election
    • 7:00 pm, close the event
  3. Tuesday, March 31, Winners are posted to the website

Zoom break-out rooms will be set up specifically for students who have registered and paid. If you have not paid, you will not be able to ‘enter’ the zoom break-out room. Students will be judged on their paper and their presentation. If there is a technology problem during the presentation, the student will be judged with a different rubric based on the paper alone. Participants who have elected to participate in BioGeneius will be judged on their paper (as always). Judges are provided with the student papers a week before the competition.

We are all in new territory trying to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and making alternative plans. As we navigate the uncertainties, I ask your patience and forgiveness as we try to provide a quality experience for the students. It won’t be perfect; we may have to wrangle some technology, but we will all try our best under the circumstances. We hope to be back to normal next year!

Amy Sheck, Ph.D., Director
NC Student Academy of Science

    Special message from the Director

    Thank you for your participation in the NC Student Academy of Science Competition. We are all following the news about coronavirus (COVID19) which has cast uncertainty onto many public gatherings - to say the least! The NCSAS Board of Directors met to develop a backup plan in case the NCSSM Durham campus is closed or public events are not allowed at NCSSM. The NCSAS Board is committed to nurturing young scientists and recognizing their work and we feel that this backup plan accomplishes those goals. 

    If operating conditions are normal at NCSSM, we will proceed with the competition as planned. In the event the NCSSM campus does not allow public events or is closed, we will follow the Backup Plan seen here. You may track NCSSM Operating Conditions here. Regardless of the operating conditions, a decision will be made on March 16, 2020. Please see the details below.

    Amy Sheck, Ph.D., Director


     Friday, March 27 2020, 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM [EST]


    Welcome to the registration website for the NCSAS State competition! NCSAS is a unique competition where students submit a written paper, give an oral presentation, and afterwards, have a casual dinner with their judges. 

    Students must have a designated adult chaperone who attends the competition.

    For Team projects:

    - A project may have up to 3 team members. 

    - The project may be presented by any and all members of the team. 

    - Each attending team member must pay the registration fee. 

    - Only team members who attend the competition are eligible for awards. 


    Tentative Schedule:

    2:00-3:00 Check in at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (Durham). 

    3:15-4:30 Orientation and Keynote speaker - Dr. Melanie Simpson, Head, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Department, NCSU. 

    4:30-6:30 Oral presentations

    7:00-7:45 Dinner (provided) 

    8:00-8:30 Student elections 

    8:30-9:30 Awards Ceremony

    NCSAS State Competition

    Address: 1219 Broad Street Durham, NC

    +1 (111) 111 11 11,

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